Program Reporting
February 2022
Sept 2021 
August 2021 
July 2021
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May 2021

     Please read this carefully and pass it on to your chairmen.
     Use the form titled "Community Activities Program Report Form". 
     Reporting dates for this year will be from May 1st to April 15th of the following year.  Only projects completed after May 1st will be credited for this program year.  Reports received in Department by the end of each month will be credited on the end of month Department Activity Report.  Make sure you fill out all information required.  Money value should use the mileage rate of $0.14 per mile per vehicle, actual money spent, value of hall rental, and value of items donated.  Do not include monetary value of volunteer hours, this is not acceptable according to the IRS guidelines.
     List each project only once on the Program Report Form.  Credit will be given on the Department Activity Report in each program in which credit is earned for each project reported.
     Do not report any Auxiliary activities on the Community Activities Report Form.  The Auxiliary report information will be obtained directly from the Department Auxiliary Headquarters.

     Make sure your report is legible so that we can read your report.  Make sure you identify your Post and the District number that your post is in.  Send only one copy of the completed Community Activity Form to Department Headquarters or email to: