State Commander's Section:

         /uploads/2019 Testimonial Flyer.pdf


Combat Veteran
       /uploads/Combat VET 11-12.2018.pdf
Convention Information

       /uploads/State hospitality room application.JPG

       /uploads/All State Hat Size1.doc   Needs to be turned in by 04.21.2019

       /uploads/2019 Convention Book packet.pdf

       /uploads/2019 Convention Registration.pd 

       /uploads/2019 Convention Registration3.docx

Membership Incentive Program  
            /uploads/Membership Application.pdf
            /uploads/50 50 life member, update 011.pdf
            /uploads/All State Membership Program, 2018-19.pdf
IRS Agreement
            /uploads/IRS Agreement.doc/
            /uploads/IRS Veteran Booklet.pdf
            /uploads/Tax Guide for Veterans Organizations, 2018.pdf   
            /uploads/Gaming Activities of Exempt Organizations, IRS.pdf   (2017)
            /uploads/Veterans Organizations Audit, IRS.pdf  (2017) 
 Council of Administration
             /uploads/11-03-18 CoA Minutes.pdf
             /uploads/09-09-18 CoA Minutes.pdf
             /uploads/07-08-18 CoA Minutes.pdf 
             /uploads/11.2017 CoA Minutes.p
Post Programs and Monthly Reports
          Patriot's Pen:
          Scout of the Year:
               /uploads/Scouting Appreciation Certificate.pdf 
          Policeman - Fireman - EMT of the Year:
               /uploads/Public Servant Award Post Entry Form.pdf
               /uploads/Dept. Police - Fire - EMT. 2018-19.doc
          Life Saving Award:
               /uploads/Life Saving Award Entry Form.pdf
          Youth Organizations:           
                /uploads/Civil Air Patrol Brochure (2018-19).pdf
               /uploads/Naval Sea Cadets Brochure (2018-19).pdf
               /uploads/ROTC Brochure (2018-19).pdf   
               /uploads/National Scholarship Brochure (2018-19).pdf
District Forms      Email all reports to:
             /uploads/District Commander's Duties & Responsibilities.pdf
             /uploads/District Commander's Report.doc
             /uploads/Dist Election Report.pdf
             /uploads/VOD Reporting Packet.pdf
             /uploads/QM Bond Application.pdf
  Post Forms    Email all reports to:
             /uploads/Buddy Poppy Order Form.pdf
             /uploads/Chaplain's Report 2018-19.pdf
             /uploads/Surgeon's Report1.rtf 
             /uploads/VFW CA Report.docx
             /uploads/DSO Report Form.docx
             /uploads/Commander's Report.doc
             /uploads/Election Report.pdf
             /uploads/Warrant Request, Post1.doc
             /uploads/VFW Personalized Letterhead Fillable.pdf
             /uploads/Membership Application.pdf
             /uploads/QM Bond Application.pdf 
             /uploads/Audit Report (Excel).xlsx
             /uploads/Audit Report (Word).doc
             /uploads/Audit Report.pdf
  Learning Materials: 
           /uploads/Where to obtain Military Discharges.docx
           /uploads/Officer Responsibility and Procedures.pdf
           /uploads/Guide to Protocol.pdf
           /uploads/Chaplains Handbook.pdf